Laser Engraved Bricks – A Guide to the Process

The process of laser engraving in bricks is not as quick and easy as it sounds; on the contrary there are some instances where it is quite complex and may even requires a computer controlled direction of the laser head.

The laser light or beam touches a point on the surface of a material (brick) is called as the focal point. The impact of this beam starts to change the property of the material. The material begins to melt due to the heat generated by the laser. As a balance to the generated heat a specific cooling system is required. The trace of the laser beam is carefully controlled to create a depth on the material – this is what creates the laser engraved bricks. The intensity and other factors can easily be used for complex engravings. The engraving can be materials like a brick, ceramic and even wood. The advance in technology has ensured that just about anything can be engraved with use of computer systems. An important point is that the laser does not leave in cavities or holes in the surface.

The ease and speed of the process has made it a popular choice for a host of activities. In fact as a standard process, PC-driven processes that uses specific software applications are available which auto drive the process of laser engraved bricks. It is the flawless finish and the permanency of the imprint which has made it a popular choice for many different occasions.

Laser Engraved Bricks – The Fundraising Tool

Laser Engraved bricks can be used for a host of activities and occasions such as birthdays and celebrating sporting events. However, it has found a place of prominence in the world of fundraising. Laser engraved bricks have become a very popular choice for fundraising. It leaves a lasting impression as the donator has a life-long memorabilia. This has become a popular choice especially among colleges, churches veteran’s organizations and even fire fighting bodies.

Fundraising is an important social activity for the betterment of the society. It brings the community close together for believing in common cause. laser engraved bricks adds the perfect touch to a fundraising event. The laser engraved bricks become a symbol for appreciation and an inspiration to act now. There are other materials like ceramics which provide for a bigger space; ceramic tile engraving can be done very artistically especially since there is mostly enough space on tiles and they are a good material for laser engraving. The engraving can in fact have pictures, logos, flags and animals.

This is the perfect token of thanks and applause for someone who has helped out with the fundraising, especially a donor. He is left with a wonderful memory and something to inspire others as well.

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