Specialist Repairs

Masonry Repairs that last

We specialize in the following repairs:

Our masons are adept at repairing and where necessary installing to an existing surface

  • face brick
  • common brick
  • cement brick and
  • glazed brick types

Sizes of brick include utility size, modular size and normal size.

Stucco Repair 

Repairing stucco is something we have done of many years and stucco is more prevalent than brick in certain neighborhoods. It is critical to get this repair right to better protect one’s home and prevent water ingression.  

Tuck Pointing :
We have assisted our clients with tuck pointing and brick repair when previous contractors failed to install necessary wall components or failed to install the materials properly. Our foremen have been trained in masonry wall systems (including grouting and flashing) so that our work is performed at the highest standards.

CMU (Concrete Masonry Units):
Along with brick repairs, we also frequently are asked to work with CMU blocks.

Cracked Driveways or Other Cement Surfaces:

We are experienced in patching driveway cracks or other cracks in cement-based surfaces (such as pool decks).